Sep 232016

Show off your feminine side! Super cute flirty dress by Shelli Segal in a delicate shade of yellow. Beautiful silk, gathered at the waist with a floral pin at the side. Freshly cleaned and in excellent condition.


Source: Circa 1980s-90s Shelli Segal Yellow Silk Dress from d-and-l-vintage on Ruby Lane


May 162015


When warm weather rolls into Northern Virginia,  I cannot resist the urge to get out in the garden.  I find, too, that I am an anomaly in this area, as people tend not to add much color to their landscapes. A few flowering trees, shrubs, carpet and knockout roses, and the occasional patch of wax begonias is about as imaginative as people get. It could be that people are busy and hire a lot of their landscaping needs out, which is fine. However landscaping companies in this area seem not to be able to tell a weed from a flower, which is decidedly NOT fine! I have had thousands of dollars of plants killed due to negligence and frank ignorance – it’s very frustrating, to say the least.  As a result, I’ve taken on a lot of this chore myself, and am finding it to be more of a labor of love. There is something very satisfying about watching a landscape flourish as a result of your own hard work.

Through trial and error, I’ve found that old-fashioned plants and flowers are often some of the best for the garden. There is a reason they have existed for centuries, and while some have been improved through hybridization, this process has not diminished their vintage beauty.

One of the most coveted garden plants is the rose, and with good reason. Color, fragrance, structure, all add to their beauty. While a lot of people tend toward tea roses, I find the antique roses some of the best for the garden, and one of the best places to purchase them is The Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham, Texas.  They have hundreds of roses to order online and have great search engines so you can find the perfect fit for your garden. Save your labels and receipts too, as if you lose a rose, they will replace for you for just $5!

Peonies are also an old-fashioned favorite! Their foliage adds structure to the garden all summer, and their blooms are simply glorious! As an added bonus, deer don’t touch them!  Try Klehm’s Song Sparrow Farm as a mail-order source for great varieties you won’t find in your local garden center.

Have a damp spot? Try turtleheads, hardy orchids, astilbe, ladies mantle and primrose. Add some Canna for height and drama. All do well in moisture, do a great job absorbing all that extra water.

Clematis looks beautiful paired with roses, and also is a mannerly wanderer, intermingling with shrubs without killing them. In warmer areas (like mine) avoid sweet autumn clematis as it will become invasive. Wisteria and trumpet vine as well.

Don’t forget fruits! Add some fig trees in a hot, sunny area, and enhance with herbs such as lavender and thyme, which love drier soil.  Grow raspberry vines on small trellises or obelisks in your flower gardens, and grapevines and hardy kiwis on arbors. You can also now purchase columnar apple and pear trees to tuck into a corner, or rely on old-fashioned favorites if you have room. For those that live in colder climates, you can add wintergreen shrubs, which never seem to thrive in Virginia’s tropical summer climate. It’s a great shrub for shady areas.

Put in some raised gardens – there are great kits out there now! Grow some heirloom vegetables. Mix them with edible flowers such as violets, nasturtium, and calendula. Add some tender herbs – basil, cilantro, even some scented geranium

So get on out there and dig, folks!  You’ll feel better for it. I promise!

Signed VC (aka Vintage Chick)


Mar 242015

The new buzz phrase: “Let’s have a conversation” seems to be the new liberal excuse for “well, I jumped to conclusions on THAT issue, but no matter, we need to talk about it anyway”.

I don’t agree. What we need to talk about is reality.

– Reality is framing the men at a University of Virginia fraternity house for a rape that never occurred

– Reality is that Darren Wilson was not being racist when he shot Michael Brown. Michael Brown did not have his hands up and he wasn’t surrendering.

– Reality is that Israel is not the biggest oppressor of women’s rights, as the UN states. I dare say ISIL forcing women and children, as well as men,  to choose between being murdered or starving on a mountain is perhaps a tad bit more oppressive.

– Reality is Iran using mock-ups of US Naval warships for target practice during war games, and calling for the destruction of the Israel and the USA.

I don’t know what it is about progressive liberals that allow them to ignore fact and simply believe for the sake of believing. I’d love to say the legal marijuana helps, but I don’t really have a dog in the ‘legalize pot’ fight (was that a micro-aggression? It’s so hard to avoid them nowadays…)  I do know that NOT looking at facts leads to a very naive mindset and that naiveté is dangerous, because the resulting decisions and behaviors aren’t always sound.  Worse, when the facts DO come in, the overwhelming response is “well, it started a conversation”, never “gee, we were wrong…perhaps we should rethink our position.”

Instead of  ‘Darren Wilson is a racist’, logical thinking would be ‘evidence shows Michael Brown not only had knowledge that he just committed a prior crime, but he was high, tried to grab an officer’s gun, then rushed him. That would make anyone feel threatened enough to shoot’.  Instead of ‘Israel oppresses women’, how about acknowledging that women in Israel have far more rights than women in neighboring countries in the region, and that Palestinians sit on Parliament.  And instead of ‘there’s a rape culture on college campuses’, how about accepting the fact that with rights come responsibilities and women owe it to themselves to respect their own bodies.  That means not crying rape at the drop of a hat, thus minimizing the experiences of true rape victims.  And for goodness sake, let’s not facilitate the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction to a country that threatens to kill us and others! You would not give a weapon of any kind to a neighbor who was threatening to kill you. Why on earth would you want that for your country?

See how easy that is? Simple common sense, really…

Signed, VC

aka Vintage Chick





Nov 232014

These were Obama’s words, the day after the mid-term elections.  Well, these were his exact words:

“To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you too,”

And with those words, Obama hints at his agenda for the next two years.

I’ve always felt the last two years of Obama’s presidency will be the ones where the American public will see who they really elected. And he did not waste much time confirming my thoughts by,passing an unconstitutional executive order regarding amnesty/illegal immigration.

Consider this from CNS News:

Obama said he would measure ideas “not by whether they are from Democrats or Republicans, but whether they work for the American people.”

“Congress will pass some bills I cannot sign. I’m pretty sure I’ll take some actions that some in Congress will not like. That’s natural. That’s how our democracy works,” he said. “But we can surely find ways to work together on issues where there’s broad agreement among the American people.”

The bulk of the American people were not in favor of amnesty.  In fact, for a lot of Democrats, this was a deal-breaker. How do I know this? Not by just the polls, and the Republican sweep in Congress, but also due to the gubernatorial Republican wins in Massachusetts and Maryland, which are traditionally very blue states. Americans are sick of the free ride for illegal immigrants on their tax dollar. Their generosity DOES have limits, and that’s as it should be. We have our own poor, our own Veterans, that desperately need our help.

Now let’s look deeper into President Obama’s statements. Who determines what ideas work for the American people, especially now that it’s clear that the American people are ‘too stupid to know what’s good for them’, as Jonathan Gruber so sweetly put it?  Obama? Valerie Jarrett? Academic elitists?  Why do they know better than the individual?

YouTube Preview Image

Obama says he will take some actions Congress will not like? Surely Congress does not like a president that takes action that is unconstitutional, i.e. constitutionally theirs only to take.  And that’s as it should be. After all, there are three EQUAL branches of government, and it is not Congress’s job to pass a president’s agenda, regardless of political party.  So that’s not really how democracy works, Mr. President, or more correctly, how a Constitutional Republic works.  There is no doubt the president has certain executive powers, but those powers are limited by law; whether or not you feel your agenda is  ‘good for the American public’  is of no never mind. According to Martha Stewart, that’s ‘a very good thing’. It keeps the President from ruling; it’s what separates us from, say, Venezuela.

I believe you will see many more overreaches in the next two years by this President. Expect executive orders on climate change, more agitation in race-related issues (the man uses Al Sharpton as a consultant – really?? Sharpton?),  more vitriol directed at Israel,  and more attacks on Christian beliefs. Live and let live is not in the Obama agenda, nor is it in the agenda of those who ‘chose not to vote’ that Obama says he hears.

The actual agenda is to tell YOU how to live.

Make no mistake: progressive policy has its roots in communism; it is an ideal that simply cannot work, because the inherent nature of the individual is to better himself  through his own means, to rise above. It is only when government holds one back by providing too much, that the individual gets lazy. The problem with that is, government has no money of its own; it relies on the industriousness of the individual to provide revenue for its social programs. Lazy people don’t produce revenue, and therefore the government can’t provide.  See the catch-22? And for those of you who will say a certain percentage of the people will still work, I agree, but they will only work to the cut-off point, i.e. the point where their hard work is still rewarding to them. No one is going to voluntary work 70 hours per week if the government confiscates the additional revenues earned.

For those that don’t believe me? Read Basitat’s “The Law”.  Still not convinced? Read Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt.  Both are short, sweet, and undeniably clear. They are little gems of wisdom.

Have a great Thanksgiving, all! And be sure to give thanks for this great nation, for her people, and for those that work tirelessly to defend her.  And take some time to play Abby Anderson’s “Let Freedom Ring” at least once. Trust me though, you will want to play it over and over:

YouTube Preview Image

God Bless!



Vintage Chick (aka Chuck)


Sep 142014

I am a firm believer in freedom.  Sometimes that means protecting the speech of heinous organizations, such as the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church, but it’s necessary in a free society. 

Progressives like to think of themselves as enlightened, free-thinking individuals.  And in their minds, free-thinking, i.e forward-thinking, means eliminating prejudice. Sounds like an admirable goal, does it not? The problem is, to do this, you must control what people say and what they do.  Which is the opposite of  forward-thinking – and freedom.

An American soldier in uniform was recently banned from a public school because ‘his uniform might offend the students’ When it hit the news, there were apologies, public statements etc, from the school, as expected, but there is no missing what went on here. Political correctness at the expense of one of our own. Who cares if someone got offended? The fact that an individual’s right to voice his/her disdain was provided courtesy of the sacrifice of US service members, seems to escape  the progressive mindset. Try to exercise such freedom of speech in Arab nations and see how far it gets you.

We are currently letting progressive political correctness over-run America to her detriment. Take our President’s recently comments that ISIS is not Islam.  While there are peaceful individuals that follow Islam, the fact remains that  the Koran (as well as the bible for that matter), does call for the slaughter of innocents. To whitewash this, is foolish. Christians and Jews alike will point out that there are members of their faith who have gone awry. Progressives, however, are quick to use the Westboro Baptist Church as representative of Christianity, but balk at saying  ISIS is a representation of Islam. This is, in the words of Andrew Wilkow of The Wilkow Majority, ‘Weapons Grade Stupid’.  It is hypocrisy at its finest. Trying to separate ISIS from Islam, calling them simply a terrorist organization, whitewashes history. It’s also a means to create a protected class of individuals, who are above reproach. It allows progressives to classify a massacre at, say, Fort Hood, as ‘workplace violence’, rather than calling it the terrorism that it is. Creating protected classes also allows progressives to open borders illegally, to open their own investigations in to certain race-related incidents, while ignoring others,  to come up with buzz words and phrases such as ‘white privilege’, and to force private businesses to provide product and services outside of their religious beliefs.

Insult someone from a protected class? You are automatically labeled racist.  Progressives use these racist insults to attack conservatives concerned with topics like border security, voter fraud, and even gun control (because we are clearly afraid of brown people and want to kill them all, donchaknow…). This is dangerous mindset, as it puts emotion over intellect. And that’s exactly what Progressives want. To control through intimidation and  fear. Label someone as racist, you can destroy their reputation and their livelihood.. Silence the opposing voices, and you have the control you seek and you’ve created a ruling class.

Where is the freedom in that? 



aka – VintageChick





Aug 312014

It always takes me a bit after these award shows to post. I like to provide a little something extra, rather than just the usual lineup of photos, and that can take a bit of time.  I’ve compiled the usual sets of photos, but decided to add, wherever possible, a link to where you can buy the actual piece of vintage jewelry that a particular star wore. I thought that might be tons of fun!

In doing my search, I noticed that vintage dresses were not really ‘in’ this year, so I’m going to give some major ‘props’ to Selena Gomez for wearing this really cool ’70s era red jumpsuit to an Emmy pre-party. The color is wonderful on her and it makes her legs look sky high.

2014 Variety and Women In Film Emmy Nominee Celebration Powered by Samsung Galaxy - Arrivals


Katherine Heigl also wore vintage, and this pale beige-gold Parisian silk John Hayles dress was panned on some sites. Me? I like it on her, even though the collar is a bit matronly:


66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals


To make up for the lack of vintage fashion, vintage jewelry seemed to be all the rage, especially yellow gold, which seems to be quite in-vogue for fall.  One of my favorite Fred Leighton pieces, a circa 1940s 18K yellow gold bracelet in a honeycomb pattern, accented with diamonds, was worn by actress Uzo Aduba, of Orange is the New Black fame. The Leighton ring is spectacular as well: it’s a 1940s 18K yellow gold bombe diamond cocktail confection.  View the gallery below and click for larger views of each image:


Also rocking the yellow gold trend was Christina Hendricks, that bombshell redhead with attitude!  She made a bold choice of dress, in a red one-shouldered number with gold lace accents.  She wore a bucketload of bracelets, including a fantastic Victorian yellow gold bangle set with pearls and garnets. I’ve created a little gallery of photos so you can not only see this bracelet, but can see close-ups of others she wore. Click to enlarge a photo:


Natalie Dormer, the British actress who starred as Anne Boleyn in the Showtime Series The Tudors,  chose some stunning yellow gold vintage pieces to wear with her bold orange and black gown. On display were Victorian-era  gold and onyx earrings, Victorian black enamel gold bracelets, and a Victorian onyx/gold bangle, a Victorian gold carved onyx Pharaoh ring, and a Victorian diamond ring, Love the black nail polish! Click to enlarge a photo:


Platinum also made quite a showing on the red carpet this year.  Christine Baranski chose some classic Art Deco pieces to accent her navy blue gown. She layered circa 1930s platinum, diamond and sapphire Fred Leighton line bracelets and accented them with a beautiful 1930s platinum, diamond and sapphire ring.


Always classy and beautiful, Minnie Driver also rocked platinum and diamonds. She wore circa 1950s platinum and diamond spray earrings,  circa 1920s diamond and onyx platinum bracelets together with an Art Deco platinum and diamond bracelet, and capped it all with a lovely art deco platinum and diamond ring. Love the neckline of her dress! Click to enlarge a photo:


 Jessica Pare, best-known as her role as Don Draper’s wife on Mad Men, wore a stunning circa 1950s diamond and platinum necklace, which looked gorgeous with her black dress:

Jessica Pare

I can’t say enough good things about Laverne Cox’s look! From the dress to the jewelry to the shoes to the purse – wow is she put-together! The use of the vintage pins, which she had sewn into the dress, is a touch of genius! She is wearing Fred Leighton pieces: platinum and diamond circa 1940s swirl earrings, those gorgeous Art Deco platinum and diamond fan pins, and two bracelets – an Art Deco platinum bracelet with diamonds and sapphires and an Art Deco platinum and diamond bracelet. Click to enlarge a photo to see these beauties close-up!


Hayden Panettiere is one of my favorite actresses and her show, Nashville, is a must-watch in my book. Hayden steals the red carpet in a silvery beaded dress that perfectly enhances her pregnant frame.  Proving less is more, she adds a simple pair of platinum drop old mine-cut diamond earrings, a Victorian-era 18K yellow gold ring with pearls and diamonds as well as a 19th century diamond cluster ring. 



I‘d be remiss if I didn’t mention a man, especially a man who has the class to wear vintage Cartier. Here is Bryan Cranston, in a vintage Cartier tank watch. Good choice Mr. Cranston, good choice. Click to enlarge a photo:



Now for the fun part – Beladora Jewelry shared their beautiful vintage jewelry with (at least) three actresses for this year’s Emmy awards. Below I’ll share the photos and give you the links so you can purchase any of these pieces yourself! Who wouldn’t want to own jewelry with such provenance?!  

Let’s start with Natasha Lyonne, of Orange is the New Black. This fiery redhead went with some circa 1980s yellow gold coral and onyx bangles and  yellow gold onyx ring:


To learn more about and/or to purchase Natasha’s jewelry, click the link below:

Natasha Lyonne at the Primetime Emmy AwardsNatasha Lyonne, star of Orange is the New Black, traded in her orange for a custom-made navy lace gown by Opening Ceremony. The ladylike style was perfectly offset by bold gold, diamond and black onyx jewels from Beladora.

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Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia wore a 1965 era mid-century 18K yellow gold bracelet and an 18K Cartier Diamond ring. Both are simple and pretty. Click to enlarge a photo:



Click the link to buy Carrie’s jewels:

Carrie Brownstein Emmys |Carrie Brownstein JewelryPortlandia star and pop culture favorite Carrie Brownstein embodied elegance at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Wearing a chic asymmetrical dress by Halston Heritage, Carrie paired her subtle style with sleek gold and diamond jewelry from Beladora. (Getty Images/Gabriel Olsen)

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I saved Kelly Osbourne for last, because she’s the only one I know who can be so funky, yet have such wonderful style! From the purple hair to her black and white lacy dress to her wonderful choices of retro and mid-century jewelry, this girl has limitless appeal.  She mixed it up on the red carpet, wearing both multi-gemstone 18K yellow gold earrings and 18K retro earrings, a circa 1940s 14K gold bracelet, a lovely 18K diamond and platinum diamond ring,  a 14K retro citrine and spinel ring, a Edwardian 18K spinel and diamond ring, a retro rose and yellow gold bracelet, a retro ruby and diamond bracelet, a retro citrine and topaz ring, and a gorgeous 14K moonstone bracelet I just might snap up myself.  Here are Kelly’s photos in gallery form: 



A link where you can see these beautiful pieces in intimate detail – and purchase them as well!


Kelly Osbourne Primetime Emmys | Kelly Osbourne JewelryA vision in violet and vintage jewels, E! host and rock and roll royalty Kelly Osbourne took red carpet ready to the next level in a lovely, lacy gown by Honor and a variety of Antique, Retro and Mid-Century jewels.

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Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the 66th Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet. So many beautiful, beautiful sparklers – I want them all! Don’t you?

Happy hunting!



AKA: VintageChick

Jun 132014

Do yourself a huge favor and spend 99 cents to download Abby Anderson’s gorgeous arrangement of ‘Let Freedom Ring’, otherwise known as ‘My Country Tis of Thee’.  Not only do you get a great song to play on July 4th (imagine this with fireworks – wow!),  but you get a great song to inspire you any time of the year.  ALL the proceeds go to charity. ALL.  What charities you ask? Well here are two examples:

Carrick Brain Centers:  This center treats our veterans FREE OF CHARGE. And they are doing remarkable things with traumatic brain injury. Soldiers who could not walk or talk due to their injuries are making remarkable strides. This charity alone is worth your donation

Honor Flight Network:  Allows our WWII veterans to come to DC to see the WWII Memorial. Truly an honor.

Donations to Mercury One also supports disaster relief, preparedness training, Israel, the poor, preservation of history and the spirit of entrepreneurship.  The goal of Mercury One is to help America help itself, through good old-fashioned hard work and giving.

There are two ways you can purchase Abby Anderson’s ‘Let Freedom Ring’.

You can use iTunes – here’s the link:  

Let Freedom Ring – Single by Abby AndersonPreview songs from Let Freedom Ring – Single by Abby Anderson on the iTunes Store. Preview, buy, and download Let Freedom Ring – Single for $0.99. Songs start at just $0.99.

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via Apple

If you don’t have iTunes, use the link to Music Today below:

Abby Anderson – Let Freedom Ring [Digital Download] – DonateDownload “Let Freedom Ring” and select an option to donate to Mercury One.

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Trust me on this. You will not be disappointed. 

Happy 4th!



aka Vintage Chick

May 082014

If you watch the video I posted in my last blog entry, you can see that the officer seems hesitant to make the arrest. I remember thinking that the officer seemed very kind. Apparently, Baer told The Blaze that the officer said ‘he really didn’t want to have to do this’.  See that story HERE

So this begs the following questions:

1) Why on earth would a school board have an officer on scene? What are they doing that they feel they need armed protection? 

2) In what world is ‘violating a two minute rule’ an offense that warrants arrest?

3) Why is this Piccoult book on the list to begin with? As Baer said, no one is talking about a book burning.  How about offering some actual literature instead of literary trash?

School boards need to remember that our taxes pay their salary. We certainly understand that there are many fine teachers, otherwise parents would not turn their children over to the publics in the first place.  However that does not give school districts total control over our children. They are still OUR children, and we have a right to object when we feel that lines have been crossed, especially lines that cross into pornography. 

And, by the way? Just because I’ve decided to send my kids to private schools, does not mean I don’t get a say. As long as I pay taxes towards public schools, I get to speak. Heck, even if I didn’t, I still get to speak.  After all, this is America. Even if it IS starting to look like Venezuela (see Andrew Wilkow and The Wilkow Majority for clarification)

Continue to cut us out,  government, and you can bet we will push back. 


VC (aka VintageChick)

May 072014

This man was ARRESTED at a school board meeting for “violating the two minute speaking rule”. What was he speaking about? What got him so hot under the collar? The book assigned as required reading in his ninth grade daughter’s class. The book, Jodi Piccoult’s “Nineteen Minutes”, which contained a pornographic passage he felt was inappropriate.  And inappropriate it is!! Stu read it out loud on the Glenn Beck show today (in his ‘Al Gore’ voice, which was admittedly hysterical) and it is quite graphic.  Read for yourself  HERE.  I was personally quite disturbed by the fact that the girl in the novel doesn’t appear to want to have sex, and he forces himself on her anyway. Then afterwards, he says “I love you” and she says “I love you” back. 

Just. Ick.

Here is the youtube video of the arrest. Judge for yourself whether or not you feel the man deserved to be arrested. Me? No, I do not. Quite frankly, the fact an officer was there at all disturbs me greatly.


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 Click HERE to get the full story from The Blaze.

 Oh, an added bonus? The school board claims it was advanced reading to meet Common Core requirements.


Welcome to Venezuela, peeps! 



(aka VintageChick)

Apr 252014

I’ve always loved to knit, but admit to not doing enough of it lately. It’s relaxing, portable, and creative. And if you think about it, knitting is the perfect hobby for we conservative chicks, as it’s a hobby that provides weapons at the ready, y’know, just in case.  

So while I’ve been adding vintage dresses to my website, I started thinking about some of the really cool vintage knitting patterns and sites I’ve found over the years. I’m going to link you to some of my favorites.

First up is this lovely circa 1923 turban by Minerva.  It really does epitomize the classic 1920s style!


Then there is this totally adorable circa 1950s vintage purse you can knit! I found this pattern on a site called Free Vintage Knitting .  Click here for the pattern.


Then there is this classic vintage shawl, complete with bow! I do love this and just might make it for myself!

Minuet ShawlAdagio Shawl Allegro Shawl Contralto Shawl Crescendo Shawl Harmony Shawl Metron Shawl Minuet Shawl Sonata Shawl

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And don’t forget the baby in your life. Knit up this really cute, yet sophisticated cabled carriage/stroller throw:

Cable Carriage Cover Pattern | No. 943NOTE: If Orion Acrylic 2 ply is used, use 2 strands. Cast on 123 sts. with No. 8 needles and work in seed st. for 2 inch. Change to pattern: 1st row: * work 13 sts. seed st., P2, K3, P2, K8, P2, K8, P2, K8, P2, K3, P2 repeat from * once more end work 13 sts.

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Two things to consider when knitting vintage. The first is sizing. A vintage woman’s size 12 is actually a modern 6, a 14 is an 8 – basically, you are subtracting 6. That’s the rule of thumb. Measurements are always best, however. There are also some good size charts on the web to help you out! The second thing is what yarn to use. Since these yarns are no longer available, you won’t be able to use the exact yarn in the pattern, but a good yarn shop will be able to help you match with a modern version, by matching the gauge. You can also do this yourself by looking at the gauge in the pattern, then going online and looking at the gauge of the yarn you like. The weight (worsted, sport, etc) also will help you find a substitution. And don’t forget Ebay – you just might find the exact yarn in the pattern!

Hope you like these, and don’t forget to explore the sites the patterns came from – they are virtual treasure troves!



(aka Vintage Chick)