May 082014

If you watch the video I posted in my last blog entry, you can see that the officer seems hesitant to make the arrest. I remember thinking that the officer seemed very kind. Apparently, Baer told The Blaze that the officer said ‘he really didn’t want to have to do this’.  See that story HERE

So this begs the following questions:

1) Why on earth would a school board have an officer on scene? What are they doing that they feel they need armed protection? 

2) In what world is ‘violating a two minute rule’ an offense that warrants arrest?

3) Why is this Piccoult book on the list to begin with? As Baer said, no one is talking about a book burning.  How about offering some actual literature instead of literary trash?

School boards need to remember that our taxes pay their salary. We certainly understand that there are many fine teachers, otherwise parents would not turn their children over to the publics in the first place.  However that does not give school districts total control over our children. They are still OUR children, and we have a right to object when we feel that lines have been crossed, especially lines that cross into pornography. 

And, by the way? Just because I’ve decided to send my kids to private schools, does not mean I don’t get a say. As long as I pay taxes towards public schools, I get to speak. Heck, even if I didn’t, I still get to speak.  After all, this is America. Even if it IS starting to look like Venezuela (see Andrew Wilkow and The Wilkow Majority for clarification)

Continue to cut us out,  government, and you can bet we will push back. 


VC (aka VintageChick)

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