Sep 142014

I am a firm believer in freedom.  Sometimes that means protecting the speech of heinous organizations, such as the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church, but it’s necessary in a free society. 

Progressives like to think of themselves as enlightened, free-thinking individuals.  And in their minds, free-thinking, i.e forward-thinking, means eliminating prejudice. Sounds like an admirable goal, does it not? The problem is, to do this, you must control what people say and what they do.  Which is the opposite of  forward-thinking – and freedom.

An American soldier in uniform was recently banned from a public school because ‘his uniform might offend the students’ When it hit the news, there were apologies, public statements etc, from the school, as expected, but there is no missing what went on here. Political correctness at the expense of one of our own. Who cares if someone got offended? The fact that an individual’s right to voice his/her disdain was provided courtesy of the sacrifice of US service members, seems to escape  the progressive mindset. Try to exercise such freedom of speech in Arab nations and see how far it gets you.

We are currently letting progressive political correctness over-run America to her detriment. Take our President’s recently comments that ISIS is not Islam.  While there are peaceful individuals that follow Islam, the fact remains that  the Koran (as well as the bible for that matter), does call for the slaughter of innocents. To whitewash this, is foolish. Christians and Jews alike will point out that there are members of their faith who have gone awry. Progressives, however, are quick to use the Westboro Baptist Church as representative of Christianity, but balk at saying  ISIS is a representation of Islam. This is, in the words of Andrew Wilkow of The Wilkow Majority, ‘Weapons Grade Stupid’.  It is hypocrisy at its finest. Trying to separate ISIS from Islam, calling them simply a terrorist organization, whitewashes history. It’s also a means to create a protected class of individuals, who are above reproach. It allows progressives to classify a massacre at, say, Fort Hood, as ‘workplace violence’, rather than calling it the terrorism that it is. Creating protected classes also allows progressives to open borders illegally, to open their own investigations in to certain race-related incidents, while ignoring others,  to come up with buzz words and phrases such as ‘white privilege’, and to force private businesses to provide product and services outside of their religious beliefs.

Insult someone from a protected class? You are automatically labeled racist.  Progressives use these racist insults to attack conservatives concerned with topics like border security, voter fraud, and even gun control (because we are clearly afraid of brown people and want to kill them all, donchaknow…). This is dangerous mindset, as it puts emotion over intellect. And that’s exactly what Progressives want. To control through intimidation and  fear. Label someone as racist, you can destroy their reputation and their livelihood.. Silence the opposing voices, and you have the control you seek and you’ve created a ruling class.

Where is the freedom in that? 



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