Mar 242015

The new buzz phrase: “Let’s have a conversation” seems to be the new liberal excuse for “well, I jumped to conclusions on THAT issue, but no matter, we need to talk about it anyway”.

I don’t agree. What we need to talk about is reality.

– Reality is framing the men at a University of Virginia fraternity house for a rape that never occurred

– Reality is that Darren Wilson was not being racist when he shot Michael Brown. Michael Brown did not have his hands up and he wasn’t surrendering.

– Reality is that Israel is not the biggest oppressor of women’s rights, as the UN states. I dare say ISIL forcing women and children, as well as men,  to choose between being murdered or starving on a mountain is perhaps a tad bit more oppressive.

– Reality is Iran using mock-ups of US Naval warships for target practice during war games, and calling for the destruction of the Israel and the USA.

I don’t know what it is about progressive liberals that allow them to ignore fact and simply believe for the sake of believing. I’d love to say the legal marijuana helps, but I don’t really have a dog in the ‘legalize pot’ fight (was that a micro-aggression? It’s so hard to avoid them nowadays…)  I do know that NOT looking at facts leads to a very naive mindset and that naiveté is dangerous, because the resulting decisions and behaviors aren’t always sound.  Worse, when the facts DO come in, the overwhelming response is “well, it started a conversation”, never “gee, we were wrong…perhaps we should rethink our position.”

Instead of  ‘Darren Wilson is a racist’, logical thinking would be ‘evidence shows Michael Brown not only had knowledge that he just committed a prior crime, but he was high, tried to grab an officer’s gun, then rushed him. That would make anyone feel threatened enough to shoot’.  Instead of ‘Israel oppresses women’, how about acknowledging that women in Israel have far more rights than women in neighboring countries in the region, and that Palestinians sit on Parliament.  And instead of ‘there’s a rape culture on college campuses’, how about accepting the fact that with rights come responsibilities and women owe it to themselves to respect their own bodies.  That means not crying rape at the drop of a hat, thus minimizing the experiences of true rape victims.  And for goodness sake, let’s not facilitate the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction to a country that threatens to kill us and others! You would not give a weapon of any kind to a neighbor who was threatening to kill you. Why on earth would you want that for your country?

See how easy that is? Simple common sense, really…

Signed, VC

aka Vintage Chick





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