Mar 242015

The new buzz phrase: “Let’s have a conversation” seems to be the new liberal excuse for “well, I jumped to conclusions on THAT issue, but no matter, we need to talk about it anyway”.

I don’t agree. What we need to talk about is reality.

– Reality is framing the men at a University of Virginia fraternity house for a rape that never occurred

– Reality is that Darren Wilson was not being racist when he shot Michael Brown. Michael Brown did not have his hands up and he wasn’t surrendering.

– Reality is that Israel is not the biggest oppressor of women’s rights, as the UN states. I dare say ISIL forcing women and children, as well as men,  to choose between being murdered or starving on a mountain is perhaps a tad bit more oppressive.

– Reality is Iran using mock-ups of US Naval warships for target practice during war games, and calling for the destruction of the Israel and the USA.

I don’t know what it is about progressive liberals that allow them to ignore fact and simply believe for the sake of believing. I’d love to say the legal marijuana helps, but I don’t really have a dog in the ‘legalize pot’ fight (was that a micro-aggression? It’s so hard to avoid them nowadays…)  I do know that NOT looking at facts leads to a very naive mindset and that naiveté is dangerous, because the resulting decisions and behaviors aren’t always sound.  Worse, when the facts DO come in, the overwhelming response is “well, it started a conversation”, never “gee, we were wrong…perhaps we should rethink our position.”

Instead of  ‘Darren Wilson is a racist’, logical thinking would be ‘evidence shows Michael Brown not only had knowledge that he just committed a prior crime, but he was high, tried to grab an officer’s gun, then rushed him. That would make anyone feel threatened enough to shoot’.  Instead of ‘Israel oppresses women’, how about acknowledging that women in Israel have far more rights than women in neighboring countries in the region, and that Palestinians sit on Parliament.  And instead of ‘there’s a rape culture on college campuses’, how about accepting the fact that with rights come responsibilities and women owe it to themselves to respect their own bodies.  That means not crying rape at the drop of a hat, thus minimizing the experiences of true rape victims.  And for goodness sake, let’s not facilitate the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction to a country that threatens to kill us and others! You would not give a weapon of any kind to a neighbor who was threatening to kill you. Why on earth would you want that for your country?

See how easy that is? Simple common sense, really…

Signed, VC

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Nov 232014

These were Obama’s words, the day after the mid-term elections.  Well, these were his exact words:

“To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you too,”

And with those words, Obama hints at his agenda for the next two years.

I’ve always felt the last two years of Obama’s presidency will be the ones where the American public will see who they really elected. And he did not waste much time confirming my thoughts by,passing an unconstitutional executive order regarding amnesty/illegal immigration.

Consider this from CNS News:

Obama said he would measure ideas “not by whether they are from Democrats or Republicans, but whether they work for the American people.”

“Congress will pass some bills I cannot sign. I’m pretty sure I’ll take some actions that some in Congress will not like. That’s natural. That’s how our democracy works,” he said. “But we can surely find ways to work together on issues where there’s broad agreement among the American people.”

The bulk of the American people were not in favor of amnesty.  In fact, for a lot of Democrats, this was a deal-breaker. How do I know this? Not by just the polls, and the Republican sweep in Congress, but also due to the gubernatorial Republican wins in Massachusetts and Maryland, which are traditionally very blue states. Americans are sick of the free ride for illegal immigrants on their tax dollar. Their generosity DOES have limits, and that’s as it should be. We have our own poor, our own Veterans, that desperately need our help.

Now let’s look deeper into President Obama’s statements. Who determines what ideas work for the American people, especially now that it’s clear that the American people are ‘too stupid to know what’s good for them’, as Jonathan Gruber so sweetly put it?  Obama? Valerie Jarrett? Academic elitists?  Why do they know better than the individual?

YouTube Preview Image

Obama says he will take some actions Congress will not like? Surely Congress does not like a president that takes action that is unconstitutional, i.e. constitutionally theirs only to take.  And that’s as it should be. After all, there are three EQUAL branches of government, and it is not Congress’s job to pass a president’s agenda, regardless of political party.  So that’s not really how democracy works, Mr. President, or more correctly, how a Constitutional Republic works.  There is no doubt the president has certain executive powers, but those powers are limited by law; whether or not you feel your agenda is  ‘good for the American public’  is of no never mind. According to Martha Stewart, that’s ‘a very good thing’. It keeps the President from ruling; it’s what separates us from, say, Venezuela.

I believe you will see many more overreaches in the next two years by this President. Expect executive orders on climate change, more agitation in race-related issues (the man uses Al Sharpton as a consultant – really?? Sharpton?),  more vitriol directed at Israel,  and more attacks on Christian beliefs. Live and let live is not in the Obama agenda, nor is it in the agenda of those who ‘chose not to vote’ that Obama says he hears.

The actual agenda is to tell YOU how to live.

Make no mistake: progressive policy has its roots in communism; it is an ideal that simply cannot work, because the inherent nature of the individual is to better himself  through his own means, to rise above. It is only when government holds one back by providing too much, that the individual gets lazy. The problem with that is, government has no money of its own; it relies on the industriousness of the individual to provide revenue for its social programs. Lazy people don’t produce revenue, and therefore the government can’t provide.  See the catch-22? And for those of you who will say a certain percentage of the people will still work, I agree, but they will only work to the cut-off point, i.e. the point where their hard work is still rewarding to them. No one is going to voluntary work 70 hours per week if the government confiscates the additional revenues earned.

For those that don’t believe me? Read Basitat’s “The Law”.  Still not convinced? Read Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt.  Both are short, sweet, and undeniably clear. They are little gems of wisdom.

Have a great Thanksgiving, all! And be sure to give thanks for this great nation, for her people, and for those that work tirelessly to defend her.  And take some time to play Abby Anderson’s “Let Freedom Ring” at least once. Trust me though, you will want to play it over and over:

YouTube Preview Image

God Bless!



Vintage Chick (aka Chuck)


Sep 142014

I am a firm believer in freedom.  Sometimes that means protecting the speech of heinous organizations, such as the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church, but it’s necessary in a free society. 

Progressives like to think of themselves as enlightened, free-thinking individuals.  And in their minds, free-thinking, i.e forward-thinking, means eliminating prejudice. Sounds like an admirable goal, does it not? The problem is, to do this, you must control what people say and what they do.  Which is the opposite of  forward-thinking – and freedom.

An American soldier in uniform was recently banned from a public school because ‘his uniform might offend the students’ When it hit the news, there were apologies, public statements etc, from the school, as expected, but there is no missing what went on here. Political correctness at the expense of one of our own. Who cares if someone got offended? The fact that an individual’s right to voice his/her disdain was provided courtesy of the sacrifice of US service members, seems to escape  the progressive mindset. Try to exercise such freedom of speech in Arab nations and see how far it gets you.

We are currently letting progressive political correctness over-run America to her detriment. Take our President’s recently comments that ISIS is not Islam.  While there are peaceful individuals that follow Islam, the fact remains that  the Koran (as well as the bible for that matter), does call for the slaughter of innocents. To whitewash this, is foolish. Christians and Jews alike will point out that there are members of their faith who have gone awry. Progressives, however, are quick to use the Westboro Baptist Church as representative of Christianity, but balk at saying  ISIS is a representation of Islam. This is, in the words of Andrew Wilkow of The Wilkow Majority, ‘Weapons Grade Stupid’.  It is hypocrisy at its finest. Trying to separate ISIS from Islam, calling them simply a terrorist organization, whitewashes history. It’s also a means to create a protected class of individuals, who are above reproach. It allows progressives to classify a massacre at, say, Fort Hood, as ‘workplace violence’, rather than calling it the terrorism that it is. Creating protected classes also allows progressives to open borders illegally, to open their own investigations in to certain race-related incidents, while ignoring others,  to come up with buzz words and phrases such as ‘white privilege’, and to force private businesses to provide product and services outside of their religious beliefs.

Insult someone from a protected class? You are automatically labeled racist.  Progressives use these racist insults to attack conservatives concerned with topics like border security, voter fraud, and even gun control (because we are clearly afraid of brown people and want to kill them all, donchaknow…). This is dangerous mindset, as it puts emotion over intellect. And that’s exactly what Progressives want. To control through intimidation and  fear. Label someone as racist, you can destroy their reputation and their livelihood.. Silence the opposing voices, and you have the control you seek and you’ve created a ruling class.

Where is the freedom in that? 



aka – VintageChick





May 082014

If you watch the video I posted in my last blog entry, you can see that the officer seems hesitant to make the arrest. I remember thinking that the officer seemed very kind. Apparently, Baer told The Blaze that the officer said ‘he really didn’t want to have to do this’.  See that story HERE

So this begs the following questions:

1) Why on earth would a school board have an officer on scene? What are they doing that they feel they need armed protection? 

2) In what world is ‘violating a two minute rule’ an offense that warrants arrest?

3) Why is this Piccoult book on the list to begin with? As Baer said, no one is talking about a book burning.  How about offering some actual literature instead of literary trash?

School boards need to remember that our taxes pay their salary. We certainly understand that there are many fine teachers, otherwise parents would not turn their children over to the publics in the first place.  However that does not give school districts total control over our children. They are still OUR children, and we have a right to object when we feel that lines have been crossed, especially lines that cross into pornography. 

And, by the way? Just because I’ve decided to send my kids to private schools, does not mean I don’t get a say. As long as I pay taxes towards public schools, I get to speak. Heck, even if I didn’t, I still get to speak.  After all, this is America. Even if it IS starting to look like Venezuela (see Andrew Wilkow and The Wilkow Majority for clarification)

Continue to cut us out,  government, and you can bet we will push back. 


VC (aka VintageChick)

May 072014

This man was ARRESTED at a school board meeting for “violating the two minute speaking rule”. What was he speaking about? What got him so hot under the collar? The book assigned as required reading in his ninth grade daughter’s class. The book, Jodi Piccoult’s “Nineteen Minutes”, which contained a pornographic passage he felt was inappropriate.  And inappropriate it is!! Stu read it out loud on the Glenn Beck show today (in his ‘Al Gore’ voice, which was admittedly hysterical) and it is quite graphic.  Read for yourself  HERE.  I was personally quite disturbed by the fact that the girl in the novel doesn’t appear to want to have sex, and he forces himself on her anyway. Then afterwards, he says “I love you” and she says “I love you” back. 

Just. Ick.

Here is the youtube video of the arrest. Judge for yourself whether or not you feel the man deserved to be arrested. Me? No, I do not. Quite frankly, the fact an officer was there at all disturbs me greatly.


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 Click HERE to get the full story from The Blaze.

 Oh, an added bonus? The school board claims it was advanced reading to meet Common Core requirements.


Welcome to Venezuela, peeps! 



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Mar 302014

Look!! According to the New York Times, botox staves off depression!!  We now know how Nancy Pelosi can lie through her teeth and not feel an ounce of shame!

Don’t Worry, Get BotoxFEELING down? Smile. Cheer up. Put on a happy face. No doubt you’ve dismissed these bromides from friends and loved ones because everyone knows that you can’t feel better just by aping a happy look. Or perhaps you can.

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Feb 252014

Doesn’t exist. Or rather, it DOES exist but the left seems to feel they can decide what speech they’d like to be free. Remember “Joe the Plumber”? In a conversation between Joe and Obama, Obama admitted that he wanted to share the wealth, that it was part of his belief system. On video. What did “Joe” get for that? Investigation into his private life, constant media attacks, and leftists insulting his intelligence. The fact that almost 6 years later, Obama has indeed passed legislation to share the wealth (and isn’t done with that yet) is of no never mind to the progressive left. The fact that they were exposed early on in the game was what really set them off. And they are still pissed. The latest attacks are on “Joe’s” new job in an auto plant that forces him to also join the union. Hypocrite they call him. Hypocrite for working? For putting aside his personal beliefs so he doesn’t have to go on the dole? That’s what real men do. Ask Mike Rowe – and I don’t know a man more manly than Mike Rowe!

Huppke: Joe the Plumber more of an Everyman than everLike most patriotic Americans, I’ve been a fan of Joe the Plumber ever since Fox News told me I should be a fan of Joe the Plumber. You remember Joe, right? He’s the baldheaded Ohio everyman who asked a presidential candidate named Barack Obama about his tax plan back in 2008, prompting Obama to say, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

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And it doesn’t stop at “Joe”. The progressives’ new victim is a Mom with Leukemia, one Julie Boonstra. You see, Ms. Boonstra had insurance. She had good insurance. And she was being treated for her illness. And was grateful for that. Obamacare is passed, and Ms. Boonstra’s world is turned upside down in Oct. 2013, when she is informed that her insurance has been cancelled. Now Ms. Boonstra is no victim, she’s not going to take this lying down. So she joins with Americans for Prosperity to create an ad telling her story. That’s when the attacks begin. How dare she speak up regarding Obama’s lie about losing her insurance.  She got ‘comparable’ insurance after all, right? SO not the point – she wasn’t seeking new insurance, she was forced off a plan she liked and along with fighting cancer, she now has to fight fear and uncertainty about her medication, about her finances.  But that’s fine with progressives because they know what’s best for Ms. Boonstra. so she has nothing to fear. What progressives forget is that there is something called ‘cash flow’, i.e. that while the money issues might work out ‘in time’ or ‘balance out because of lower premiums’, if you can’t pay you can’t pay.  But none of that matters because MS. BOONSTRA WAS HAPPY WITH HER PREVIOUS INSURANCE.  Sorry progressives, you don’t get to play that game. 

Note the attack dog that is Gary Peters, Senator hopeful from Michigan. He wants the ad pulled. Calls Boonstra a liar. Nice:

Cancer Patient Fights Back After Dem Suggests She Lied in ObamaCare AdA Michigan mother battling leukemia is now being called a liar by a Democratic lawmaker after voicing her concerns about ObamaCare in a TV ad. WATCH: Dems LOL at Question on ObamaCare Premiums Julie Boonstra claims that her insurance was cancelled because of the Affordable Care Act.

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Is mainstream finally waking up to this? To a degree, they’ve had to. The Obamacare fiasco, for instance, was too big not to cover. Left-leaning papers like the New York Times put their own special spin on the stories, but indeed, they had to give it some exposure to stay credible. I credit new news sources like The Blaze, and Breitbart as well as older sources like Fox News, for keeping mainstream honest. Ben Shapiro’s TruthRevolt is also keeping mainstream on its toes. And this is ultimately a very good thing, because when the media is in bed with the government, my friends, truth is hard to come by.

So ask yourselves this honest question:  If a President, if the administration, has nothing to hide, an honest media and honest conversation  should be welcomed, correct?  Which is why freedom of speech, freedom of the press, should be just that. When it’s not? We all have something to worry about.



AKA VintageChick 


Feb 072014

Exhausted after a restless night. Spending time today doing research and LOVING Trey Gowdy. This man is NOT afraid to speak his mind – and what a mind it is!

 On Benghazi:

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 On the IRS Scandal and the President’s statement that “not a smidgen of corruption occurred”:

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Voter ID Laws:

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 And with that folks? The arguments are made.



aka Vintage Chick

Jan 282014



Boehner looked like the family jewels were in a vice. Obama played himself off as a rock star and Biden was….texting??

Clown college, I swear.

So we are now supposed to:


– Trust a new magical government retirement plan run by…you guessed it…the same folk who raped and pillaged Social Security

– Believe that Obama thinks highly of our military while he cuts the benefits of our veterans, shut WWII vets out of their memorial, and slept through Benghazi

– Believe Obama when he ends his speech with ‘God Bless’ while waging war on Christianity

– Believe he respects the Constitution when he doesn’t seem to know what’s IN it. Or how to follow it. Despite being a Constitutional lawyer.

–  Believe in Obamacare when we see all the failures right in front of our noses. And his ‘you can keep your healthcare’ line is the lie of the year.

–  Believe that he wants amnesty for the ‘good of the people’, not the ‘good of the party’. Free stuff for all! Only free means WE pay for it.

–  Believe he doesn’t want to do away with the second amendment while he simultaneously threatens us with ‘his pen and his phone’


When he spoke of the founding fathers, I swear I could hear Washington scream from here. And what did he say? Well, a lady doesn’t repeat such vulgarities, now does she?

I …just …can’t… take… it.  I’d write a letter to the White House, but why bother? NSA already knows how I feel because in this administration, the American people are the ones to be feared.

So…here’s a big ol’ shout out to Sen Mike Lee, Rep Trey Gowdy, Sen Ted Cruz, Sen Rand Paul and Rep. Louie Gohmert. Keep fighting the good fight gents – I’m with you all the way! You have my support and my respect.



aka VintageChick. 


Jan 242014

We all know that Hollywood types don’t smile on conservatives. Say you’re a Republican and you’ll be blackballed by the majority in this industry.  Wave a rainbow flag and you’re golden. An American flag? Not so much.

Add to that the IRS targeting of conservative groups, and it gets ugly. According to the Hollywood Conservative group Friends of Abe (FOA), they have not only been targeted by the IRS, they were actually asked by the IRS for a list of their members. FOA is seeking 501 ( c ) (3) tax-exempt status as a non-political organization, just like some liberal groups out there do, so their members can deduct the donations they make.  FOA executive director Jeremy Boreing says the group has been told outright by an IRS agent that it was on the ‘be on the lookout’ list,  and Boreing suspects that’s because the group is a conservative education fellowship.

See the story in the Independent Journal HERE 

Megyn Kelly’s report HERE:

Hollywood Conservative Group: ‘IRS Told Us We Had Been Targeted’“Friends of Abe,” a conservative group in Hollywood, claims it was informed by the IRS that it was being targeted.

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This, despite the IRS scandal from last year. Clearly, progressives have learned that when the mainstream media is in your hip pocket, you don’t have a darn thing to worry about, and you can continue harassing innocent people who do not share your liberal viewpoint. But heck, when Republicans in Congress don’t fight back (I’m talking to you, John Boehner), I guess Democrats just consider it business as usual.

Now add to this, the blatant harassment of filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, who is being indicted for allegedly violating U.S. election law. The charges are that he directed $20,000 in illegal contributions to be made in the New York Senate Race in 2012 (for Wendy Long, Hillary Clinton’s opponent).  The fact that D’Souza made a highly critical, highly successful film about Obama probably has nothing to do with it, I’m sure….

And I’m also sure that all those contributions made to the Obama campaign were on the up-and-up.  Positive even…….no, apparently NOT

Do Democrats really think abuse of power will not come back to bite them? Do they truly believe they are the chosen ones? If so, they should review history, read Bastiat, do SOMETHING that will allow them to get a clue, as those with power really only care about staying in power. They don’t truly care about YOU.

Stay free.


VC (aka Vintage Chick)