Sep 232016

Show off your feminine side! Super cute flirty dress by Shelli Segal in a delicate shade of yellow. Beautiful silk, gathered at the waist with a floral pin at the side. Freshly cleaned and in excellent condition.


Source: Circa 1980s-90s Shelli Segal Yellow Silk Dress from d-and-l-vintage on Ruby Lane


May 162015


When warm weather rolls into Northern Virginia,  I cannot resist the urge to get out in the garden.  I find, too, that I am an anomaly in this area, as people tend not to add much color to their landscapes. A few flowering trees, shrubs, carpet and knockout roses, and the occasional patch of wax begonias is about as imaginative as people get. It could be that people are busy and hire a lot of their landscaping needs out, which is fine. However landscaping companies in this area seem not to be able to tell a weed from a flower, which is decidedly NOT fine! I have had thousands of dollars of plants killed due to negligence and frank ignorance – it’s very frustrating, to say the least.  As a result, I’ve taken on a lot of this chore myself, and am finding it to be more of a labor of love. There is something very satisfying about watching a landscape flourish as a result of your own hard work.

Through trial and error, I’ve found that old-fashioned plants and flowers are often some of the best for the garden. There is a reason they have existed for centuries, and while some have been improved through hybridization, this process has not diminished their vintage beauty.

One of the most coveted garden plants is the rose, and with good reason. Color, fragrance, structure, all add to their beauty. While a lot of people tend toward tea roses, I find the antique roses some of the best for the garden, and one of the best places to purchase them is The Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham, Texas.  They have hundreds of roses to order online and have great search engines so you can find the perfect fit for your garden. Save your labels and receipts too, as if you lose a rose, they will replace for you for just $5!

Peonies are also an old-fashioned favorite! Their foliage adds structure to the garden all summer, and their blooms are simply glorious! As an added bonus, deer don’t touch them!  Try Klehm’s Song Sparrow Farm as a mail-order source for great varieties you won’t find in your local garden center.

Have a damp spot? Try turtleheads, hardy orchids, astilbe, ladies mantle and primrose. Add some Canna for height and drama. All do well in moisture, do a great job absorbing all that extra water.

Clematis looks beautiful paired with roses, and also is a mannerly wanderer, intermingling with shrubs without killing them. In warmer areas (like mine) avoid sweet autumn clematis as it will become invasive. Wisteria and trumpet vine as well.

Don’t forget fruits! Add some fig trees in a hot, sunny area, and enhance with herbs such as lavender and thyme, which love drier soil.  Grow raspberry vines on small trellises or obelisks in your flower gardens, and grapevines and hardy kiwis on arbors. You can also now purchase columnar apple and pear trees to tuck into a corner, or rely on old-fashioned favorites if you have room. For those that live in colder climates, you can add wintergreen shrubs, which never seem to thrive in Virginia’s tropical summer climate. It’s a great shrub for shady areas.

Put in some raised gardens – there are great kits out there now! Grow some heirloom vegetables. Mix them with edible flowers such as violets, nasturtium, and calendula. Add some tender herbs – basil, cilantro, even some scented geranium

So get on out there and dig, folks!  You’ll feel better for it. I promise!

Signed VC (aka Vintage Chick)


Jun 132014

Do yourself a huge favor and spend 99 cents to download Abby Anderson’s gorgeous arrangement of ‘Let Freedom Ring’, otherwise known as ‘My Country Tis of Thee’.  Not only do you get a great song to play on July 4th (imagine this with fireworks – wow!),  but you get a great song to inspire you any time of the year.  ALL the proceeds go to charity. ALL.  What charities you ask? Well here are two examples:

Carrick Brain Centers:  This center treats our veterans FREE OF CHARGE. And they are doing remarkable things with traumatic brain injury. Soldiers who could not walk or talk due to their injuries are making remarkable strides. This charity alone is worth your donation

Honor Flight Network:  Allows our WWII veterans to come to DC to see the WWII Memorial. Truly an honor.

Donations to Mercury One also supports disaster relief, preparedness training, Israel, the poor, preservation of history and the spirit of entrepreneurship.  The goal of Mercury One is to help America help itself, through good old-fashioned hard work and giving.

There are two ways you can purchase Abby Anderson’s ‘Let Freedom Ring’.

You can use iTunes – here’s the link:  

Let Freedom Ring – Single by Abby AndersonPreview songs from Let Freedom Ring – Single by Abby Anderson on the iTunes Store. Preview, buy, and download Let Freedom Ring – Single for $0.99. Songs start at just $0.99.

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via Apple

If you don’t have iTunes, use the link to Music Today below:

Abby Anderson – Let Freedom Ring [Digital Download] – DonateDownload “Let Freedom Ring” and select an option to donate to Mercury One.

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Trust me on this. You will not be disappointed. 

Happy 4th!



aka Vintage Chick

Feb 052014

Two suicides in as many days. High school seniors. God Bless. 


Dear Langley High School:

I am having trouble with sad today. Not for the families of these two boys, I have plenty of compassion for them. I am too angry because WE PARENTS WARNED YOU. How many times have parents like me come into your office to talk about the pressure, about the negative culture? How many principal coffees were about this subject? How many times did we try to tell you what our kids were feeling and try to share with you how we felt it could be fixed? What I was told is “It’s you parents”. Is that what you told other parents as well? Well here we are, with two young lives lost. ARE YOU LISTENING NOW? Because I can be a lot louder than I was when my child attended your school. And if you remember me, you’ll wonder how that’s possible. Trust me, it is.



aka VintageChick

Dec 242013

Yep. I said it.



It’s Christmas Eve. And I’m not afraid to say the word. It’s not offensive, even if you are not Christian. It’s a lovely time of year, about family and friends and all that you love. 

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And God Bless.



aka Vintage Chick


Dec 182013

People who know me know I play guitar. They also know that I’m no Eric Clapton. I can play a decent country or folk tune, but most definitely have my limitations.  

Anyone who plays an instrument knows they listen to music just a bit differently than those who don’t. They might focus on a riff, a note, a particularly interesting lyric, but they are definitely taking in more than just the song itself. They are dissecting the whole into parts, then putting it all back together again, all the while thinking how they can change it to make it their own.

So when I get a musical gift from a friend who also plays, I know it’s going to be good (Thanks Dagg!!).

Let’s start with Jakob Dylan, Bob Dylan’s son. For those that have been listening to him for a while, yeah, I am late to the starting gate. But better late than never. Jakob’s music is as poetic as his father’s, but you can understand him! BONUS!

One of my favorite Jakob Dylan songs from his 2008 CD “Seeing Things”. Lyrically, this song is brilliant:

YouTube Preview Image

For those who want to hear more, here’s an almost 30 minute concert from Austin City Limits:

YouTube Preview Image


Dagg also introduced me to The Trishas. Some country, some bluegrass and a while lotta fun! Love this song from their High, Wide & Handsome CD…

Little Sweet Cigars:

YouTube Preview Image


And I would be remiss if I didn’t include some Holiday music, given the season and all. I would be doubly remiss if I didn’t mention Jewel’s new Christmas CD “Let It Snow”.  This is the second CD Jewel has recorded. It includes two brand new tunes; the song Blue Crystal Glow,  a chorale piece she co-wrote with Joe Mardin as well as an original called “It’s Christmastime”. Both are lovely additions to the traditional Christmas tunes on the CD.  Her voice is clear and pure, and makes listening a pleasure. Well worth the download!

Here’s her recent performance of  “The Christmas Song” in Rockefeller Center, which is included on her new Let It Snow CD:

YouTube Preview Image

And an older performance of “Oh Holy Night”  –   what range!  You can get a copy of this yourself on her Joy CD.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m going to close with a Christmas song by the irrepressible Meiko. It’s called “Maybe Next Year” and is as adorable as she is! Be warned – this is not safe for work nor children. It contains bad language and some sexual references. All you non-uptight adults though? Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image


Have a merry….happy….what ever you celebrate! 


VC (aka Vintage Chick)




Jun 062013

I have to link y’all to an excellent article by Michelle Malkin about the differences between the Bush Administration NSA phone records data collection and Obama’s Administration. Malkin points out the key difference is that the Obama Administration is using broad sweeping measures indiscriminately. This is a very key point :


Michelle Malkin | History lesson: The crucial differences between Bush and Obama’s NSA phone surveillance programs “It is certainly schadenfreudelicious to see Al Gore and assorted Democratic tools going bonkers over news of President Obama’s radically expanded phone call data collection program – which he, ahem, inherited from the Bush administration and has apparently now widened far beyond anything Bush ever enacted or proposed.

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Mar 252013

I am a huge fan of the ‘nip and tuck’. I see no reason why people should not use botox, fillers, some cosmetic surgery to fix that which is sagging. drooping, or pointing in different directions. Vintage ain’t ‘in’ when it comes to your face and body!

A good doctor, like those at Austin-Weston Center, will certainly let you know when a procedure is not right for you.

This is NOT, however, an area where you want to go bargain-basement. A good board-certified surgeon is critical, not only for a good cosmetic result, but for your health and safety. Dr. Sigal brings up some important points in the video below regarding traveling out of the country for cosmetic procedures:

YouTube Preview Image


So get beautiful people! Look younger! Just be smart about it!


VC (aka Vintage Chick)

Oct 292012

HOLY CRAP!! Imagine Sandy, only Cat 3. Now imagine there not being any advanced warning, no Twitter to commiserate, etc.  This is what you get:

The last ‘Frankenstorm': Video of the 1938 nor’easter that ravaged New EnglandHistoric footage of a deadly storm offers clues about what to expect from Hurricane Sandy posted on October 29, 2012, at 9:05 AM Hurricane Sandy is making its presence known across the Eastern Seaboard, with powerful winds beginning to lash the coast and rain starting to pour down from North Carolina to New York.

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